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Committed To Helping You Feel Physically & Mentally Balanced

About Us

Our mission at BioRebalance began when Chris Scott was introduced by a mutual friend to Dr. Rebeca Eriksen, PhD MSc RD. An orthomolecular expert with a PhD from The Imperial College of Medicine in London, Dr. Eriksen spent her career as a clinical dietitian formulating highly specialized nutritional protocols for hospital patients with a wide range of biochemical disorders.

Meet the Team

Chris Scott headshot


Chris Scott

Chris is also the Founder at Fit Recovery, Author of Drinking Sucks, and Co-Host of Elevation Recovery Podcast

Dr. Rebeca Eriksen, headshot


Rebeca Eriksen

Dr. Rebeca Eriksen has a PhD in Nutritional Genetics from Imperial College London, and over ten years of clinical experience designing custom nutritional repair regimens.

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Head of Client Services

Tanya Hall

Tanya is a former marathon runner with a keen interest in fitness and nutrition. She lives in the south of France and is mother to four children.

Our Story

Chris Scott was aware of the health-promoting power of specific nutrient megadoses, having left behind his heavy-drinking Wall Street life to help others build their best lives. With the help of Dr. Eriksen, along with her team of highly trained biochemists, BioRebalance now offers an “all-in-one” nutritional solution for supporting optimal physical and mental health.

Our supplement, BioRebalance Restore, combines the purest ingredients backed by science to support deficiencies in crucial nutrients. No other premium product on the market today comes close to offering the potency, purity, and overall effectiveness that you can get from BioRebalance.

Our mission at BioRebalance is to help people who want to optimize their health. Our team has an abundance of personal experience in the realms of nutrition and health optimization.

We believe in producing supplements that are backed by science. Unlike supplements that hash together trendy “superfoods,” our supplements only contain nutrients that have been demonstrated in scientifically rigorous studies to support physical and cognitive balance.

We collaborate with a team of biochemists with decades of experience, as well as with clinicians at leading international rehabilitation centers.

We will continue to stay on top of emerging research in the subject of nutritional repair. Stay tuned for further innovation and feel free to contact us here.