Feel Yourself Again

Rebalance your body and mind with our high-quality, all-in-one supplement, designed to reduce cravings and enhance your mood, relaxation, sleep, and energy levels.

One bottle,
all the nutrients!

With many different health supplements on the market, it’s hard to determine which ones you need. That’s why we did the research for you and created BioRebalance Restore!

An advanced multi-nutrient helping you feel better, naturally!


Why BioRebalance

BioRebalance was designed by orthomolecular nutritional experts to support the Gut-Liver-Brain Axis and boost your well-being. Supply your body with all the ‘feel-good chemicals’ it craves.

Speed-up recovery time by naturally boosting the body’s level of serotonin, endorphins, GABA, and more


Enhance your gut microbiome, liver function, nervous system, and brain health on a cellular level


Eliminate cravings, lethargy, and trouble sleeping – leading to natural energy and euphoria along with more blissful sleep


Don't just take our word for it

Vitamins • Minerals • Antioxidants · Pure SAM-e
• Natural Herbs • Amino Acids • Fatty Acids

Brain Health

L-Tyrosine, DLPA and SHTP naturally aid the metabolism of "feel-good'' hormones dopamine, endorphins and serotonin.



PPC and SAM-e support liver function, natural detoxification processes and brain health.

Formulated by active clinicians and based on decades of orthomolecular studies



Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, CoQ10, and Acai Phenols strengthen your natural defenses.



Ashwagandha and Magnesium assist with cortisol management. stress relief and sleep.

Backed by Science

BioRebalance products contain carefully selected, premium ingredients that help to support your body-brain system. We want to empower you to summon the energy and optimism required to live your Best Life.