Great Product With Unexpected Benefits

The 1st thing I noticed about halfway thru the container was that a problem fingernail, which would always split up the center if I didn’t clip it in time, didn’t anymore. As a musician this is a big deal to me cause split fingernails getting caught in strings are really painful. And something tells me improvements like that are indicators that nutritional gaps are being spackled! 

And here’s something that I can’t really quantify as a direct result of taking BioRebalance, cause it may be more of a mental shift from other stimuli as well, but I’m no longer surrendering my free time to alcohol.

Yeah, I still have an occasional drink, even when I’m alone, but one drink late in the evening is NOTHING like the way I was hitting it before. I’m much more interested in spending my evenings and weekends doing constructive projects, whether music or whatever, than escaping into a cocoon of repetitious uselessness.

I will try BioRebalance again. It’s a bit pricey, but I’m of the school of thought that high-quality life choices sometimes necessarily are, and oftentimes they’re worth it.